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Private OB Reg at QM?

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    I am 13 weeks pregnant and I've registered recently with Tsan Yuk/QM as I can't afford delivery at a private hospital.
    I saw a private OB twice, at 9-10 wks and then 13, had a scan both times. I already had 2 appointments at tsan yuk and they did nothing special except filling the forms on their computers and taking my blood.
    Next appointment is in a different clinic (I have to say I'm confused, I don't know why), and then the diagnostic at 22 weeks at QM.
    That makes a lot of changes in my opinion, and I am not really happy to see different people each time. I found quite difficult to understand the doctors (I am French and, although I understand native speakers very well), I have a hard time understanding doctors with a strong cantonese accent.
    I am also scared not to understand the nurses on the D-Day and scared to share a bedroom with too many people.
    I've heard tons of things about QM, good and bad; I have to say, I don't know what to think anymore, it's my first baby, I'm far from home and I just want everything to be fine.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

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    I don't have public hospital experience, but I know a few doctors who used to work at QM, and one or two who still works there. If this is any comfort to you, QM is probably the best you can get in the public system ( in terms of the quality of Drs, their equipment, ability to handle complicated cases).

    I was told that if there is a complicated delivery at a private hosptial, they would shoot you off to QM anyway, so I guess that says something QM. Certain comforts ( expensive ones) will missing (private rooms , nice decor etc) but I think the level of skill is equivalent.

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    it is true that you often see different doctors at QMH/TYH. this is because it is a teaching hospital and attached to HKU. if it makes you more comfortable, you can ask to see the "dr" not a student at your clinic visits. you might wait a little longer, but you will see the "real thing".

    also, you are probably having your appt at a clinic closer to where you live. this is very normal if your pregnancy is moving along smoothly. so, on the bright side, your pregnancy is going well enough that they are comfortable for you to be seen at the clinic.

    when i was hospitalised (13 times over 2 pregnancies) the level of care was great (medically). the nurses (most of them) speak very good english. if you have trouble understanding them, just tell them. the doctors were great too (especially my anesthesiologists). as konradsmum says, the aesthetics of the hospital leave a lot to be desired (bring your own towel & toilet paper!) the medical care is great!

    bon chance!

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