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Dr. Philip Ho / D&C

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    Unhappy Dr. Philip Ho / D&C

    Hello Everyone,

    I hope those of you who have seen Dr. Ho for similar issues can give me some advise.

    I am currently 8 weeks pregnant and I have seen Dr. Philip Ho for two appointments.

    I saw him at 6 weeks for the first time and he could only see a small empty pregnancy sac through the vaginal ultrasound.

    I went back at 7 weeks for another ultrasound and this time we could only see the yolk sac and a very very small embry that measured about 2mm, no heartbeat.

    Dr. Ho said he is not optimistic about this and I am seeing him again tomorrow for another ultrasound (8 weeks). If we still cannot see the heartbeat then, he suggests I do a procedure for misscarriage, which I assume will be the D&C.

    This is my first pregnancy and it's been very hard knowing the pregnancy may not be viable. I am also a bit unsure about performing the D&C and sometimes wonder if I should seek a second opinion?

    Dr. Ho comes highly recommended from a friend of mine and people here on the forum, I have no doubt that he is a good doctor. But I just want to hear from any of you who have been through similar situations your experience with Dr. Ho. Should I trust his professional advise - i.e. perform D&C if we still find no heartbeat, or wait longer?

    Many thanks,


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    I trust Dr Ho - I think he's a good doctor - but there's no harm in getting a second opinion - ESPECIALLY on something as important as this! I go to Dr Ho, but in your situation, I'd definitely go see someone else as well - and if they give you the same advice, I'd either go along with it or let nature take it's course... generally, if the fetus is not viable, you should miscarry "naturally" given enough time... although maybe that's more traumatic for you, I don't know...

    I think that I'd go to another doctor and then probably wait a couple of weeks (unless there was a medical reason to NOT wait)... You're in such a hard situation and my heart goes out to you... :(

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    Boxofbeans, I agreed with nicolejoy that if the embryo is not healthy, the miscarriage will occur naturally.

    I had a miscarriage before at the 8th week of pregnancy. It came suddenly with lots of large blood clots passed out. You better to seek for a second opinion before decided to have D&C.

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    Dear boxofbeans,

    How was your appointment with Dr. Ho? I just want to share that I was in a similar situation in February this year, where we could see the sac via virginal ultrasound but no heartbeat detected in week 6. Dr. Christine Choy suggested me to go ahead with D&C. I waited a weekend & personally don't want to drag on so had the D&C done. For my case, I did seek a 2nd opinion, unfortunately both doctors confirmed the same result.

    For other experience sisters, how long did you wait/ how long does it take to get preg again? I am already 35 and very worry about my chances of becoming a mummy.


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