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Transporting Breast milk

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    Transporting Breast milk

    Hello- I'm moving to Kuala Lumpur soon. I've worked really had at the BFing (still only feeding with Breast milk...he won't take formulae)..
    I've managed to get a reasonable supply in the freezer (about 1.2kg of frozen milk). My breast milk feels like gold to me (as I'm sure any one
    with supply issues also feels!) so it breaks my heart to have to throw it all out when we leave HK. What...I'd like to do is to get it sent to KL (frozen) so
    I can use it later on when he's older and I start to wean (mixed with rice cereal etc!). I've contacted a moving co. and they said its not possible to send
    frozen "food stuff" into other countries. Of course I can't let the milk defrost and then re-freeze it....your not allowed to do that with breast milk.
    Does anyone have any suggestions as I've run out of ideas on this one.

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    Hi, you'll need to check what the custom laws are in Malaysia are. For example do they allow you to bring frozen food, dairy, fruit, etc ... When we moved from Taipei back to HK I had close to 5 kg of frozen breastmilk. I packed the frozen milk in large styrofoam boxes and put dry ice on the top, bottom and middle of the box to keep the milk cold and frozen. And then we put the styrofoam boxes into cardboard boxes. We didn't use a moving company for this but checked in the boxes as one of our luggages at the airport. The milk was still all frozen when we arrived in HK. Like I said, the key is to find out if you can bring your frozen breast milk into Malaysia. Good Luck!

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