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Montessori in DB?

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    Montessori in DB?

    Hi there

    I was just wondering if there are any Montessori schools in DB? I have a daughter in cycle 1 and a daughter in cycle 2 currently in Australia.


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    There are a few playgroups who advertise as being Montessori, but no schools. There is a Montessori school in Wanchai which some people in DB send their kids to, but it's a ferry and bus ride away.

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    This last post was a while ago, but I want to let everyone know that there is a Montessori Playgroup in DB called Woodentots. It is aimed toward children aged 2.9 - 5 years and is run by a qualified Montessori Teacher who is also registered in Hong Kong. If you are interested you can find more information on the DB forum.

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