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Organic baby food

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    Organic baby food

    Hi mommies,

    My baby girl is almost 6 months, so i'm thinking of introducing solids. I wanna make it fresh from organic fruits/veggies but find that most fresh organic stuffs in HK are actually from China. I mean, they have no pesticide etc, but how is the quality of soil/water/air where they were grown? On the other hand, the jar baby food is convenient but they've been sitting on shelves even before she was born in some cases... Does anyone make solid from scratch and where do you source the organic ingredients?

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    I make my baby's food from scratch and she had never had jar food. I get a weekly delivery from Aussie Organics for fruit and vegetable. Her organic meat is from GREAT supermarket. They sell organic hormone free chicken from Lilydale Australia. My baby loves her fresh food and is healthy and happy and this translates to her sleeping through the night from 7pm to 6.30am.

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    We make our own baby's food from scratch as well. The only time he's ever had jar food is when we travelled to Korea over the Christmas break. I'm going to try Aussie Organics this week but I've been able to find imported organic veg, fruit and meet at the different supermarkets - CitySuper, GREAT, Oliver's and ThreeSixty. We've been able to find pretty much everything with no problems.

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