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Adventist - doctors fees?

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    Adventist - doctors fees?

    I'm 8 weeks pregnant and just started seeing a private obgyn who delivers at Adventist. The first visit cost about $4K! (doctor's fees, procedure + u/s scan, medicine + vitamins, PAP +HPV test). Is the cost pretty standard for private doctors? I didn't ask for all the tests or medicine (esp since I already told her I did a PAP at another hospital just last year). I would like to know if there are other private obgyn (female pref) who also delivers at Adventist but charge less and gives more options? I prefer to stick with just one doctor but may also combine public/private, but not sure if it's easy to pass on the paperwork/test results back and forth.

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    Hi Mom2be,

    Drs rates in HK are crazy. The first appt could be anywhere from $2-4K. I don't remember doing a Pap. I delivered at the Adventist 5 years ago, and here's a breakdown of what I spent.

    Also Drs delivery fees vary depending on the room you select. My Dr wanted $50K for delivery for a private room patient and $12K if I had selected a ward. I changed Drs at 18 weeks and my previous Dr had quoted me $20K for delivery charges and we managed to negotiate my Dr down to the same rate.

    Dr Sally Ferguson delivers at the Adventist. You can find her contact details in the Geobaby directory. Other female Drs are Stephanie Chow, and I think also Catherine Cheung.

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