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Dr Patrick Chan

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    yuukalim0404 is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2008
    Tseung Kwan O

    Dr Patrick Chan

    Wonder if Dr Chan is good for detailed 20 weeks ultrascan?
    For example is he patient to explain details and wiling to answer questions?
    Also I had a high risk during my OSCAR test, but my amnio just showed eveything is fine, but my PAPP-A levels were very low, thought I want to check that out with a knowledgeable doc as I read low levels indictae poor birthoutcomes

    I really dislike those doc that rush through everything and looks like they just want you out of the office as soon as they can...

    any comments/ recommendations will be appreciated, thanks!

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    dueJuly is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2008
    Hong Kong

    I have been going to Dr Chan since I was 5 weeks (am 24 weeks now).

    He is really great and very patient. I have never felt rushed and he takes all my concerns seriously, no matter how silly they are.

    He took a lot of time on our 20 week scan, explaining everything he was looking at and what it meant. He gave us a lot of information about what was going on at this stage. I left feeling really confident.

    I highly recommend him.

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    katelynBB is offline Registered User
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    May 2008
    Hung Hom

    Which hospitals is Dr. Chan registered with? Does he only work out of the Hong Kong side?

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    hill53 is offline Registered User
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    May 2008
    Shouson Hill

    Dr Chan

    I also think Dr Chan is excellent. I have been seeing him for my first pregnancy and he has been so patient in explaining things and answering questions and never rushes anything. My last US (13 weeks) went for about 25 minutes because the baby was napping. He didn't hurry at all and it was awesome having that long to look. He has also answered all my email questions in 24 hours of me sending them. My structural scan is in a few weeks so I can't answer how he'll be for that, but I'd imagine pretty good.

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    Konradsmom is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2007

    Patrick started out as my gynie years ago and then my obs. He did my IVF for me and thank god it was successful on the first time. he's very patient, and always calms my fears but without being dismissive. Never treats any of my questions as stupid, and I thnk of him more as a friend than just my doctor. When I had my ceasarian by him, I swear to god I felt no pain or discomfort AT ALL days and weeks after - I saw some moms hobbling in the hospital, but I was practically "power walking" within a day of delivery.

    he;s registered with Canossa, Matilda and Adventist - not sure if he covers Kowloon side, I would think not.

    I have recommended him to all my friends, none have any complaints at all.

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