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Schooling in Mui Wo on Lantau

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    Schooling in Mui Wo on Lantau

    Would anyone have feedback on schooling in Mui Wo?
    A google search yielded Leafy international school, but I can't figure out how good or bad it is.

    It would be helpful to get first-hand accounts from parents.

    We have a two and a half year old son, and are planning to move to Hong Kong in early May.
    Someone has recommended Mui Wo as a possible laid-back place to settle. Ready to consider anything at this stage.

    Also, if education in Mui Wo is not particularly great, what are the logistics of living in Mui Wo and sending a kid to one of the numerous pre-schools in Disco Bay?


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    An ex-colleague lives in Mui Wo. Their kids attended the ESF schools on the island from kinder. The kids are now teenagers.

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    As far as I know there are no international schs in Mui Wo.

    There is Lantau International School which is in Tong Fuk, it's primary only, from 5- 11 yrs.
    Some expat children go to the local school in Pui O but teaching is in Chinese.

    Mui Wo- Tong Fuk would involve a bus ride, not sure how long it is.

    There is a ferry from Mui Wo-DB but it is very infrequent....only something like 6-7 ferry trips a day.
    The only other way to get from Mui Wo to DB is to go via Tung Chung, but that's a journey that could easily take an hour or more.

    The only other option would be to travel to HK Island for school.

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