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Breastfeeding Difficulty, Doctor not Breastfeeding-friendly

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    beckveldman is offline Registered User
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    Glad to hear that today has been a calmer one for you and really happy that you have been reassured by the responses here.

    I absolutely agree that you should seek out another doctor, as your current one doesn't seem, ahem, aligned with your apparent goal to continue breastfeeding. Unfortunately, this seems to be a very common problem in Hong Kong!

    Your son's teething symptoms sound a lot like my 4 month old daughter at the moment. She also went through quite a fussy phase at the breast a few weeks ago, but has settled down beautifully again. I suspect that she is teething, and use homeopathic drops to soothe her.

    You're doing a wonderful job of breastfeeding with a very healthy sized baby for 4 months! Please don't dwell on the musings of an ill-informed GP. ;)

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    skittles5510 is offline Registered User
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    What many people have written here are correct about a breastfed baby's growth, compared to a formula fed baby. In the beginning, a breastfed baby is usuallly bigger. Then a formula fed baby is bigger (because they tend to overfeed). But a breastfed baby catches up around 1year old. But many studies have shown that formula fed babies tend to be overweight children (because they don't know how to control how much to eat, as well as many other factors).

    teething symptoms are lots of drooling, fussiness while feeding (and because of the pain and itchiness), biting on anything and everything (hence the invention of teething rings). Have your baby also started biting/pulling while you are nursing? The thing to watch out the most during teething is when your baby starts to have a high fever, as this can be very dangerous. I'm not too sure about the stools and the face rash though. Have you also started introducing foods to your baby?

    I recommend you to change to a more breastfeeding friendly doctor. It seems like your current doctor does not know much about breastfeeding, so he does not know how to solve your feeding concern, and therefore just takes the easy way out and suggest giving baby formula. I highly recommend La Leche League for extra breastfeeding support and help. They are wonderful!!

    Good luck!

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    jools is offline Registered User
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    My little one was fussy, but didn't really show any other symptoms. I have three children and they have all had various teething symptoms, fussy, temperature, red cheeks, drooling, chewing on everything etc. I have never had any problems with teething and feeding.

    If one of them was fussy when I put them to the breast I would stop and calm them down and try again in a little while. If any of my babies fussed, the breast was always the first option if that didn't work then I would try other things to calm them.

    I think you may need to consider your doctor. I did with my third because I was also given advice to formula feed. As it turned out if I had made the switch it would have been the worst decision I could have made for his condition. As I said before contact La Leche League, they will support you through this.

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