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cvs testing

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    cvs testing

    I have recently found I am pregnant, and since I have 2 children I want to go straight in and have the CVS test done.

    I had both my other kids in the UK, so I am not sure of the procedure here. Do you go to the doctor's and they book you in for one or can you find some one who has experience in the procedure and go directly to them?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    beckveldman is offline Registered User
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    I believe that most OBs generally prefer to refer you on to those who specialise in diagnostic testing. The theory is that those who perform larger numbers of these invasive diagnostic tests have lesser rate of complications.

    I had an amniocentesis performed by Dr Y.H. Lam at Hong Kong Prenatal Diagnosis Centre last year. They are in the St George Building in Central, tel 2877 3280 He and his partner Dr Wan are always very busy, but they are very good at what they do. Personally I trust Dr Lam implicitly: he has assisted me through two difficult pregnancies with diagnostics and scans. He performs many Amnio & CVS. No referral from another doctor is required.

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    I am 33 years old. And 11 weeks pergnent. I would like to know which test is more safe cvs or amino and what is the difference..I would like to know the health of baby and also I am curious to know whether baby is boy or girl..From where I should do these tests...

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    mumto2 is offline Registered User
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    Amnio has a lower rate of anything going wrong and is a conclusive test and can also tell you the sex of the baby. However it cannot be done until around 14-15 weeks. CVS can be done at 11-12 weeks. You should speak to your doctor if you would like diagnostic tests done or go to a private Diagnosis centre as mentioned above.

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