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Flying Cathay to Sydney

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    Flying Cathay to Sydney

    Hi there,

    Has anyone travelled with Cathay to Australia lately?
    I have the new bugaboo bee...I was planning on taking just the frame (so the whole chassis thing comes out) and just the maxi-cosi car seat on board for my 3 month old baby.

    The frame really folds down to not much at all (ok its not an umbrella pram..but its close without the body of it)...and the maix cosi cabrio is not that big (I would imagine it fits in the overhead locker.

    I've checked their website and it says the following;

    A "forward facing" infant car safety seat for ticketed child (aged between 6 months and 3 years) or infant bassinet or cot (that can fit on fold down shelves and can be properly secured)
    Infant food and nappies (for consumption in flight)
    An infant collapsible pushchair (if cabin stowage is available)

    Baby buggies and adult wheelchairs must be checked in as hold baggage.

    So what do you think? Would I be allowed to wheel the bugaboo bee frame + maxi cosi cabrio right up to the plane door and take them on board. I really do not want to check in the bugaboo bee frame. I hear they do not look after prams that well...and I love the pram and paid alot for it...

    Please let me know what your experiences are...


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    You can wheel a pram up to the aeroplane door at HKIA. You can wait a while when offloading and pick it up at the door again. I can't remember whether you can do the same returning to HK, ie at Sydney airport.

    If you have an expensive pram, you'd be mad to entrust it to baggage handlers. Just watch them load and unload planes out the window at any airport and you'll see what I mean.

    Most people with large or expensive prams have a travel pram - usually an umbrella stroller - to take away with them.

    Personally, I use a sling at the airport. You do get a sore back, but saves the hassle of a pram. If you really want to use your pram in Sydney, perhaps buy special luggage (Maclaren make ones for their prams) which protect it and check it in like normal luggage.

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    I agree with Jane01. Sydney baggage handlers are not known for the gentle touch.

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