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Bottle Size

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    Fully breastfed or breast milk fed babies take around 25 ozs every 24 hours. Newborn babies usually need about 10 feeds a day so this works out at around 2.5 ozs in each feed.

    When babies are being given milk in bottles instead of breastfeeding directly we often suggest feeding in 1 oz lots. So feed 1 oz, if the baby is still hungry give a second 1 oz and then if still hungry a third 1 oz. In this way you will be able to find out how much your baby wants without wasting too much milk.

    Once the milk has been heated and the baby’s saliva got onto the teat you can not use it a second time. If the milk has been heated but not come in contact with the baby's mouth you can usually heat it a second time.

    Some mothers freeze their milk in ice cube trays and once frozen store in plastic bags. This allows you to defrost small quantities and minimizes wastage. If keeping the milk in the fridge rather than freezing you could have a few bottles of different sizes. A large bottle for keeping the milk in and smaller bottles for decanting the milk and feeding it to the baby.

    One thing you might also like to think about is that direct breastfeeding is much more stimulating than pumping. Many mothers find that keeping their milk supply long term is quite hard if the baby does not direct breastfeeding. Most of the mothers who are pumping and continue to have a good supply are also directly feeding when with the baby and pumping when separated.

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    make that... you don't feed from bottle, refridgerate and then re-heat.

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