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Dreams (snake dream meanings)

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    Question Dreams (snake dream meanings)

    I had a dream the other night which had a snake in it. During the dream we were out walking with friends, a snake crossed in front of us. My friend picked up the snake and showed us all. She then put the snake down and we walked off. The snake came after us and bit me on the back of my leg. I ended up in hospital and then woke up, not sure what happened next. Anyone out there believe in dreams and their meanings??? What do you think this means?
    Hope to hear from you.

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    hi cwbmum,
    very interesting topic. i don't know how much to believe dream-interpretations, but here's about my snake dreams: i always fought the snakes off that crossed my way. and i've had several such snake dreams in my life. my grandma's interpretation is that i have (had) enemies but i fought them off.
    take this interpretation and apply it to your dream.. i guess that means you've been harmed already???
    i'm sure someone else would interpret it in a different way, though!

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    Some people say that if u have snake dreams something good will happen to you but that version says that u dont do anything with the snake, so cant help u with your version. Dont worry I am sure all will be fine.

    Take care

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    I think in Thailand they believe that snake symbolise your future life partner esp. when it bites you. But is you are already married then I don't know....

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