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Advice on car infant carriers

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    gduck is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2008
    Hong Kong

    Hi Sarah,

    OMG I have to have the Eurototes! They look fantastic! Oh dear, do I still need the travel system... look what you've done! :) Where did you buy them??

    I picked up one Graco Snugride (with base) secondhand, and will try to get another one. We are visiting the states next week & will get a Kolcraft stroller & get it shipped back (assuming we like it). It's actually not expensive at all, so if we only get a couple of years out of it, I'm ok with that.

    I will buy new car seats for when they grow out of the infant carriers. The carrier I picked up yesterday looks fine. The Graco Snugride is so well reviewed, and actually a lot cheaper than the other options - I don't know why they are not popular here in HK.

    My latest obsession is cloth nappies. I'm committed! Will get some from ($$ shipping costs though) and some bumGenius through a GREAT Macao website (low shipping $, and v. good prices compared to Australia. Have a look - not just nappies. An Ergo carrier is on my list too.... !!!Site seems to be down at the moment - hope that's not permanent...!!!).

    I would love to meet up - am leaving town shortly & not back until the end of the month. Will see what you're up to then :) Thanks for your ideas!


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    salevizos is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2008
    Hong Kong


    Aghrrr....the one product I didnt do any research on was the Baby Bjorn - and now I feel like a fool for owning one, even though everyone I know swears by it. Good thing I didnt buy two - because now Im going for an Ergo Baby Carrier as well. My husband can ruin his back if he wants! I do have one question though - do they all come with that little fanny pack pocket on the front of the waist strap? (If you check out the shop, and click on the light blue/darker blue model, you will see what Im talking about.) Im not sure I like it, and it doesnt seem to be on the organic model (which is $30 more expensive, unfortunately), but I might be forced to order it. Any idea?

    I got the Eurotote online from a store in the US - I think - and sent it to my mom's in CT. She is compiling all my online purchases and will then ship everything out here in one go. I havent seen it online anywhere in Asia or for sale in HK either, unfortunately.

    I have also thought long and hard about cloth diapers, since I know the technology has been much improved recently. I also want to use them, but have come to the conclusion that for me, it will be very difficult with twins, particularly at an early age (from birth - 9 months or so). A friend of mine tried using them on her new born (and even had a service to pick up and and clean the darn things), but she said it was overwhelming to deal with and 'had to' switch over to disposable. My intention is to move to them off disposables when there are less diapers to change, which apparently happens after solids are introduced and they/their tummys get larger. I want to take advantage of the fact that kids in cloth diapers are faster to get out of diapers all together, as the cloth ones are less absorbent, which makes kids who wear them more aware of the whole 'need to get to a toilet' concept. I have checked out Bum Genius, which by all accounts is a great product. The woman who started it has a really interesting story too; another mom created-mom used product. Anyhow, you will definately get high marks if you can manage this from the start - from me at the very least.

    Have a great time in the US and let me know when you're back. Im envious; my doc cut off travel for me at 20 weeks!

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    rebekah is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2007

    The Ergo fanny pack is an additional product, or it was 6 months ago when I bought my ergo (and not the pouch...there's plenty of room for a dummy and some cash in the front pocket of the ergo, and let's face it you will still need some sort of bag for diapers, wipes, etc.) Call doubibou and ask, they will certainly know!

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    MommyTo3 is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2008

    I can only tell you what I did and worked for me, even though I was in the States the first year and back in Europe right now.

    I started off with 2 Snugrides + a double Snap n Go which basically every US twin mom has. It fits a couple of brands but the most common and used one are the Gracos. Although I prefer side by side, it was great at first especially during the cold Chicago winter (they were born end of November 2006). I also bought a MacLaren Twin Rally side by side which I use for travelling and the car now that the twins are in their Britax car seats (since 6 months of age). I also have a Mountain Buggy Urban Double (Urban Jungle in Europe) which is a heavy but great quality, walking stroller, but not something for the car in my opinion. But it pushes with one hand even when my oldest is standing on the board. I used to have a Bugaboo with my first, so I was spoiled in terms of pushing! I also use a wagon for a short stroll and a change. They're 19 months now, but will still walk in different directions so I am using the stroller much more than I did with my first. Basically as a matter of safety.

    My favorite website for twins is It's US based but it's great resource and traffic is way better than on the multiples boards on Babycenter.

    With twins you need to make things as easy as possible, but it can't hurt to wait to buy certain items as you won't need everything right away. I loved the fact that I had 2 changing stations (less walking), a swing, an exersaucer and I even had 3 bouncy seats throughout the house. Especially when they get a little older, you need a save place to put them once in a while when you have your hands full.

    It's tough, but lots of fun too. Good luck with the pregnancies! I lasted 38w2d (was induced) and gave birth to 15 1/2lbs (7kg) of baby ... they were average singleton sizes (for 40 weeks), but it was worth it!

    Check out, you'll love it!

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    gduck is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2008
    Hong Kong

    Great Advice

    Haven't been on for a while.. thanks girls for your advice!
    I wonder how Sarah is doing??
    I guess it's now wait & see how these things work out... I'm hoping I have another 3 weeks to go to get to 37...... fingers crossed!

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