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Any Expats at Sheung Wan ESF?

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    Any Expats at Sheung Wan ESF?

    We are moving to Hong Kong in July with our 4 year old daughter. We applied to a few schools but the only place she was accepted for this September was at Sheung Wan ESF for K2. We have never been to Hong Kong and we will not be able to visit before moving. Are there many expat families that send their children there? We will be looking at living in Discovery Bay, is that too difficult of a commute? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!

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    The commute won't be too bad from Discovery Bay, I don't know exactly where in Sheung Wan the kindergarten is, but it should be a ferry ride and a walk - possibly a taxi or bus after the ferry if it is a longer distance. If you go for the afternoon sessions it would make it easier for you.

    There is a new ESF all the way through school opening in Discovery Bay and attending the ESF Kindergarten is one of the ways of semi securing your child a place there.

    Looks like a good option.

    Hope this helps.

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