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Victoria/Rightmind & Parkview Int'l

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    Victoria/Rightmind & Parkview Int'l


    All of them have been accepted my daughter (Dec 2005) for the pre-nursey class for coming Sep. My target primary schools are St Paul co-ed, St Stephen's Girl and Marymount and after P6 will swith to Int'l school, so which one will be better? Would like to have your comments.

    Thank you

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    I would recommend you ask the school. They should have a report of where last year's K2/3 were accepted. I remember Victoria showing it to us when we went on their tour.

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    The 3 KGs are quite different. My limited knowledge, Parkview is an international KG hence the "natural pathway" presumably is going on to an international primary school. Rightmind concentrates on the brain development tilting towards academic achievement and teaches in English and Putonghua. Victoria seems the only KG you mentioned that in some way caters for traditional local schools which for a start interviews mainly in Cantonese and Victoria will at least in K3 increases its writing training that is required by traditional local schools.

    Besides checking the 3 KGs statistics in getting into the local schools you mentioned, maybe you will also want to ask/know in full details how and what each KG is offering and if they meet your needs.



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    If you are targeting St. Stephen's Girl School, may be you should try their KG, they starts at the age of 3 ( may be 2009/2010).

    Bear Lau:

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