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First 6 months - What kind of cot do you recommend?

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    First 6 months - What kind of cot do you recommend?

    We will be moving back to Europe a few months after the birth of our child. I was thinking of getting a Graco Pack n Play that we can use in HK and then to use when move back. Since it will take about 6 weeks for our shipment to arrive, I was thinking of getting something more portable. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you!

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    Hi there,

    I guess you haven't given birth yet as you say 'after the birth of our child'. Depending on how old your baby is going to be when you move away (they develop so quickly that requirements change) I would say that you could look at something that would be more suitable in terms of for the first 2-3 months at least (depending on your baby). I would presume that you are trying to breastfeed, which in particular it would mean that in the initial months you are going to need to lift your baby from the bottom of the cot on a pretty regular basis throughout the day, putting him/her down for naps, etc.

    I've not used the Graco one you recommended before, but it looks like it doesn't have a bassinet. Indeed you could think of something that is more like a travel cot like the Graco, but look for something with a shallow fitted bassinet at the top too so that you are not doing your back in, and of course, that you can have with your on flight luggage so that you have the use of it as soon as you arrive at the other end. As soon as the baby is old enough to move around, you will have to use the bottom section though for safety reasons - I've seen my baby on the floor next to the enclosed cot and believe me that's not nice!

    Otherwise if your baby is going to be likely to be old enough by the time you leave, you could buy something like an Ikea (I suggest this as it's cheap) with dropside and adjustable bottom height plus a travel cot, and put the Ikea one with your shipment and still have a proper travel cot to use. You could have a normal travel cot, or I would very much recommend the Deryan pop-up UV protection tent I use (new born to 18 months), which is less conventional but light weight and doubles up as a beach/play tent. Again I wouldn't recommend you use it as a cot at home before you move as it's on the floor and can do your back in with all the lifting and putting down you're going to do.

    Then if you choose to buy a more permanent cot with drop-sides/ movable heights (for when baby can sit up/stand up and climb out), then the travel cot can be put to one side and used for holidays and weekends away.

    Hope this helps!
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