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Disposable v Cloth Diaper for breast fed baby?

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    miaka is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2006
    Chai Wan

    @tikkunolam: gdiapers are available in the US, Canada and online. they are sort of a combination of cloth and disposable. the liner is flushable and biodegradable (in about 150 days vs. 500 years for regular diposables) so you can flush or just throw in the garbage like a disposable.

    if it wasn't for the shipping cost to send to hk, i would definitly try them myself. oh well, i guess i'll hafta wait til we're back in the states.

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    tikkunolam is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2007
    Hong Kong

    Thanks Miaka. I figured I would have to wait until I go back home. They are expensive but if used for travel, I think they are worthwhile. For now when I travel I will use the Seventh Generation disposables which are more eco-friendly but I'm happy with my cloth nappies here in HK.

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    niahbear is offline Registered User
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    I use Bumgenius diapers and Kushies flushable liners....this is an awesome combo! The pooh does not touch the diapers and my breastfed, 9 months old only goes through about 3 diapers a day! The pocket liner is super absorbent and the snaps allow me to adjust the size of the diaper as she grows! I wash the diapers twice a week and they hang dry super quick!

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    shoni is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2007

    Thanks niahbear, really helpful.

    How old was your daughter when you started to use them and how many diapers did you buy?

    Also, what detergent do you use and how many washes to get them clean - do you follow the instructions of one wash with detergent and a final wash through without detergent?

    Sorry for all the questions!!

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    hkaussie is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    Hi, we used cloth from 6 months - 2.5years, but that was mainly because a lot of people gave us disposables when he was first born. In the early days, yes it is a bit more work because of the mess and the number of nappies needing to be changed.

    Here are some places in HK you can look at different varieties of reusable nappies:

    Tots Bots cotton fitted nappies
    Mothercare Lee Gardens 2

    Mothercare reusable nappy system (like GDIAPERS)
    Mothercare Lee Gardens 2, and LCX Harbour City TST, maybe other locations too

    Fuzzibunz quick drying pocket nappies
    Bumps 2 Babes, Pedder St Central

    Fuzzibunz, Tots Bots, BumGenius, Happy Heinys, Bumkins
    Online from Macau (also run workshops)

    Bambino Mio prefolds and covers (cheaper) and Eugene Club Centre, Queens Rd Central, MegaBox, Tsuen Wan Discovery Park

    Normal flat cotton nappies & muslin nappies
    Mothercare, all locations. Bumps 2 Babes

    And another option, not in HK but close:

    Bumwear one size pocket nappies (Singapore)

    The Gdiaper type systems are probably your most expensive option of any of them because you're paying not only for the costly setup, but then ongoing costs to buy the absorbent disposable pads.

    The flat nappy system is the cheapest of all, because it's not that much to purchase flat cotton nappies and some cheap covers (can get cheap ones from Wing On etc, or more quality ones like Bambino Mio), but they are complicated to fold and more bulky than a shaped nappy.

    For all of them, you shouldn't need to soak, just wash them (after getting rid of the solids into the toilet) on a thorough cycle in the machine. I do a cycle that includes a prewash and then a long wash cycle. They always came out fine.

    You have to be aware though, that it is never going to be as completely easy as using disposables. You might sometimes get stains, might end up spending more money than you thought, might find problems with rashes. But then, people who consider making alternative choices like this don't make their decisions on what's 'easiest' but on what's best for baby, the environment, and your whole family, so you have to weigh it all up.

    We have found that overall the reusable ones were better. When we had occasional issues with them, we just used disposables for a week or so till we got back on track.

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    shoni is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2007

    Thanks all for the advice. I really would prefer to use cloth so will do my best.

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    jjmum is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by tikkunolam View Post
    Check out this website to answer your questions about cloth nappies.

    I hear all the time from disposable nappy users that cloth is more environmentally unfriendly because of all the water used to clean them. But it takes 500 years to breakdown 1 disposable nappy. The average baby uses 6,000 nappies within the first 2 years (at 8 changes a day for 2 years) and that's a lot of waste. The old days of soaking in harsh chemicals in the cloth nappy world is over thanks to washing machines and you don't need several rinses (unless you want to). Most bathrooms in HK have a shower head attached to a hose. If you have a soiled runny breastfed poo nappy, use the shower head to rinse into the toilet (if your shower hose doesn't reach you can replace it for a longer one or get a hose attached to the toilet like the toilets in Thailand). Once the baby starts solids, you can shake the poo into the toilet- you never have to touch it. It only takes one washing to clean them. There are many ways to wash cloth nappies now and on average it takes 3-5 minutes longer per day (according to an Australian study published in Kindred magazine) to take care of cloth nappies if you have an efficient system.

    I use wool covers to prevent leaks and blow outs. If you get a good fitting nappy (cloth or disposable) it will help prevent them but blowouts can happen regardless of using disposable or cloth.

    Your information is very helpful, thanks. Because my friend recommended me to use Mother-ease organic ones, and I am currently searching for more information about cloth. I found some information you mentioned at this website, too. . I'm seriously thinking about replacing disposable with cloth.

    Is there any mummy here who used disposables before and replaced them with cloth, please share your experience.

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    Buckeroo is offline Registered User
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    May 2006
    Hong Kong

    I use a combination of both: Reusables at home, disposables when out/traveling.

    Very happy with BumGenius --on all counts (price, ease of use). I've used Mother-ease as well and liked those, too, (no leaks!) except for the fact that you have to keep changing as they come in different sizes. BumGenius is one-size fits all and dries very quickly. As one of the previous posters had mentioned, use BumGenius with the Kushies disposable liners and using cloth diapers has never been easier.

    The only thing that's proven a bit troublesome for me with BumGenius is that they have velcro snaps and my LO quickly figured out how to take off her own diaper!

    Cloth diapers or not, I'm hoping to be able to completely potty train my LO soon --she now is able to do the sign (language) for POTTY whenever she needs to go. It's a matter of her being able to consistently 'hold' until we get her to the loo in time.

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