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Disposable v Cloth Diaper for breast fed baby?

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    I agree with the comments before about cloth diapers. We started out with disposables (through ignorance really!) and then I switched over to cloth once I got a bit more clued up. Sophie of Doubibou was really helpful with email advice- we ended up trying various types (TotsBots, FuzziBunz, Bum Genius) and in the end Bum Genius worked out best for us. The Mothercare disposable liners work well too, as does the nappy soak. Washing has not been a problem and they hang dry well.

    One added benefit is that I think the cloth nappies fit my baby better than the disposables. He used to get red rubs where the edge of the disposable rubbed against his legs, but now does not. We still use the disposables when going out, but cloth is great!

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    Thanks for your sharing. But I find the problem with Doubibou is that I cannot see the actual product because it's through mail order. The prices for all the brands are more or less the same, but only Mother-ease has organic ones in one-size that can fit from NB to toilet training, and they are actually available at Citysuper. So, at least I can see the diaper and check the quality before buying.

    The other thing that I don't really want to use Bum Genius & Funzzi Bunz because their inserts are made in China.

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    Don't know about Fuzzi Bunz, but with the Bum Genius, you can use any insert you want. You don't have to buy their inserts. You can use terry cloth, flannel, organic cotton.... just cut them down to size or fold them down to make your own inserts.

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    I know this is an old thread but wanted to add!

    We use mainly cloth (probably one sposie every so often at night) and they are a lot easier to care for than I imagined. Washing is not a problem. We tried many different types but have found that fuzzibunz and haute pockets fit our baby best. With fuzzibunz you can adjust the level of absorbency by adding inserts, just like bumgenious. He has chunky thighs and bumgenious elastic is a bit too tight and leaves red marks around his legs.

    I'm interested in getting some flat 'old school' style dipes. I've seen on an old thread that they are available at wet markets? Has anyone bought any recently? Approx how much are they?

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