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Help!! Kindergarten!

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    It's hard to say because ESF schools have some criterias where they give priority - you can check it out on their website. But based on the statistics that were shown to me by Woodland, in 2006 and 2007, there was a high number of students who went to ESF for K1 and Grade 1 (not sure if this is the right term) from Woodland Mid-levels. The others mainly go to international schools. My child was offered a spot in ESF for K1 in 2006 but as he was so happy at Woodland, we decided to let him stay there.

    My child is lucky because he is in one of the smallest class in the whole school (for now anyway). It has 13 children with 2 qualified teachers, and a helper sometimes. Otherwise a class can have as many as 20 children. Hope this helps.

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    I applied the Sept playground just about 2 weeks ago. They said it should be ok. However, I am not sure about the others. As far as I know they accepts application anytime and will conduct interview during summer holiday.

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    PIPS Kowloon Review

    I have 2 kids at PIPS Kowloon and they have been there since Sept and both absolutely love it, which for me is the most important thing.

    I find the teachers approachable, passionate about what they do, nurturing and very encouraging. My kids have learnt an amazing amount and they have done because they have been encouraged to.

    Yes, they're the 'mothers' that like to stand around and make gossip about the school but i believe that if a child enjoys the school and you see the other kids leaving school all happy and can't wait to go back, that's what schools about.

    Although PIPS Kowloon is new, it's sister school in Tai Tam has been around for 20 years so it has a great reputation.

    You will find in HK that a lot of parents believe that their child MUST go to a school in Kowloon Tong because that means their child will get automatic opening to Kowloon Tong Primary School, not so. Go with a kindergarten your child is happy in, you feel comfortable with the atmoshpere, like the teachers and your child will gain the knowledge, personality and confidence that any school in HK will be looking for.

    And remember, chopping and changing school for your child is not the answer, keep them in one school from PN-K2 or K3 and they'll love it.

    Good luck!

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