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Infant Swimming Lessons

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    MaiYe is offline Banned
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    Aug 2007

    baby swimming class

    i've called and checked YWCA and they won't take babies under 1 yr old for the swimming class.

    for Harry's it's too far for me, and besides their CS attitude...don't want to mention anymore, the worst i've ever come across.

    yet still there are 2 options we could chose from for baby (starting from 4mths old) swimming class...yet they r both Cantonese speaking class.


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    Pokfulam, Hong Kong

    how about the YMCA in TST. They have classes from 6mths onwards

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    Konradsmom is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2007

    I 'm curious - are there any risks taking babies for swimming? what about ear/eye infections? Would they know NOT to drink the pool water? Not entirely concerned about "technique" 9 asif that would matter for babies) as I used to swim competitvely, but more concerned about safety and sanitation. have no idea ....

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    Kowloon Station (West)


    i have the exact tots! Wondering if the chlorine water is gonna go into baby's ears and infect the eyes.

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    weishy is offline Banned
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    Jul 2007
    hong kong

    Hi i brought my girl to public and clubhouse swimming pools a couple of times and so far she's oki with it and simply loves water.Any mummies thinking of joining any of the swimming lessons?pls count me in or give sugguestions tks alot :P

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    Voodoo is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2007
    Hong Kong

    My daughter will join the ywca, Mac donald rd start from wed. She is 10mths old. I enquired is it possible to enroll younger infants (like 9mths onwards), the one who is in charge of swimming prog (Mr. Lai I recall) claims it shouldn't be a problem Assuming parents who are participating will keep an eye on their babies along with the instructor supervision.

    I did few trials with my daughter already in the last couple of days, putting up a paddling pool at home plus clubhouse swimming pool in order to get use to the water level. She felt so nervous and grumpy at first and now enjoy the split splashing and lying in the water outdoors. Once she sees the pool, she will pointing it and starts babbling !

    From what I know, baby never unfamiliar with water/ fluid as they were in the womb for 9 mths!! I find babies at this stage are very courageous in general and willingly to try everything! Why don't I train her to swim now instead of the time when she has all the thoughts/ worries about safety and sanitation? That's my 2 cents..

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    We also joined the YMCA the pool is cold better buy the TYR swimming costumes as one mom suggested. my son was freezing

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    Sai Kung

    babies "swim" for 9 months in-utero...of course there's no chlorine in the womb.

    i took my son for a swim the first time when he was 10 weeks old! he still loves the water and we're planning on having proper lessons now that he's older.

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