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kids with epilepsy

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    kids with epilepsy

    I'm writing for a friend in the UK whose son is around 5 years old and was just diagnosed with epilepsy. He doesn't actually have epileptic fits but occasionally twitches and has daydreaming spells.

    Wondering if there are any parents going through the same thing who would be willing to email her. Thanks.

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    He might have tics, the medical name, Tourette Syndrome . Tics are like twitches. Hand jerking or eye blinking or some form of jerking or twitching moment. And the daydreaming spell could be a situation that the child may be trying to control the tics or twitches. Have a quick look at these links

    However, I may be wrong so it is best for your friend to bring his or her son to an educational psychologist for an assessment.

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