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Drying sterilized bottles

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    Drying sterilized bottles

    I have the Avent Steam sterilizer and am wondering if I can dry the inside of the bottles with a paper towel once they have been sterilized. They come out wet and I'm afraid that it may begin to mold.

    Also, does anyone know if you can put the Adiri bottles in the Avent Steam sterlizer? The instructions on the bottle says not to steam it in temperatures above 100 degrees, but I don't know how hot the steamer gets.

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    Health visitor recommended me to put all the parts together and put the bottle in the fridge. You have to sterilize the bottle every 24 hours anyway. I put the bottle in a clean box to separate it from the food in the fridge..

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    I'm not sure about the first part of your question - I think it depends on how long you leave it standing before use and the condition where you store it. Mold only grows given a certain (optimum) range of conditions. You also have to make sure that the bottles are tightly sealed, when assembling them; meaning, if possible, no air should get inside them once you take them out from the sterilizer.

    The most important thing when assembling is not to touch the insides of these bottles. I know that in labs, sterilized bottles and jars are left in the oven under high heat to dry before sealing the lids on them. But you can only do this with metal and glass.

    Personally, I just take them out of the sterilizer, assemble them and use them asap. A friend of mine fills hers with cooled boiled water for the subsequent feeds immediately after taking them out. Another just use the dishwasher - no sterilizing. No incident so far with our babies.

    As for your second question, the simple answer is - the temperature of boiling water will never go beyond 100 deg C but steam may.

    Long answer: Technically speaking, steam WILL go beyond 100 deg C if heat is continuously supplied in a contained space. There is, however, an opening in the Avent Steam sterilizer so I doubt it will be higher than 100 deg C. Having said that, there may be parts within the sterilizer which will go beyond 100 deg C. It also depends on the pressure but I wouldn't bore you with these geeky details. Hey, those Hydraulic Engineering lectures come in handy after all! :)

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