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Refuse to feed at night

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    Refuse to feed at night

    Hi All,

    My son is now 6 months 1 week. He recently decided not to take milk at our night feeding. He used to take 28-30oz of formula and now his comsumption has decreased to below 27 oz per day. His schedule is like this:

    6-7am - 6-8 oz
    9:30am - solid food
    11:30am - 6-7 oz
    4pm - 6-7 oz
    6pm - solid food
    8pm - about 5 oz

    He used to drink another 3 oz at 11:30pm and was about to sleep thru the night. Now he won't drink at 11:30pm and ended up waking up early (1 time around 3 - 4am). He went back to sleep after we put the pacifier on him. Is it anything or any trick we can do to have him to drink again at night?

    My sister's daughter in Hong Kong has the similar situation when she was 15 months old. They used chocolate formula and she started drinking at night again. I am not sure if we should use the same method because Nicholas is only 6 months old and I doubt there is chocolate formula in the United States.

    Thanks for your help in advance.


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    many children stop a nightfeed after 6 months. if you read previous threads, most of them are about mums trying to STOP their nightfeeds. i don't think anyone has asked how to keep them going...

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