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Visa issues?

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    nataliekaye is offline Registered User
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    Visa issues?

    My fiance is british and is currently in HK with me im 5 months pregnant and he wants to remain here until the baby is born. His 6 month visitor visa runs out 23rd of May. If he flies to Thailand for a day or two then back to Hong Kong will he get another 6 months? Any help will be greatly appreciated

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    My son was bon last year in Thailand (emergency c section). We are living in HK but with work visa. However, we applied for a passpost (British passpor) at the British Embassy in. Thailand. You will need a full birth certificate of you and your fiance to apply for the passport for your baby.
    Then when we came back to HK, the baby automatocally got 6 months visa.

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    simon1972 is offline Registered User
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    Think adahc got wrong end of the stick slightly as from what I can see you or the baby have no plans to go to Thailand.

    As far as your fiance goes he could proably just manage a trip to Macau and then re-enter HK -should get his visa renewed that way.

    However, it is not guaranteed - you probably can get away with it perhaps 2 or 3 times but if one day you get an eagled eyed immigration officer questions my be asked about the regular leaving / re-entry and the visa would be denied. Of course some people have been getting away with this for years but some have not.

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    what simon1972 said is true. Nowadays, many female employers apply a one time china visa for their domestic helper. Spend the afternoon shopping & afternoon tea at shen zhen (by taking the train to Lo wu) to avoid sending their helper back to home country to renew the working visa.

    Transaction cost will be cheaper to shen zhen however there will be a visa fee. No visa is required for macau but the farry cost approx. $150 each way.

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