Designer Maternity Clothes - CHEAP - Fragile, Ripe, Pea in Pod etc....

Hi there,

I grew very quickly from a US6 to a US10. I am now not even sure what size I am! :-)

Anyway, the point is, I work so I was freaking out about not having the right wardrobe so when I was in Australia at Easter, I literally shopped until I dropped.

There is no way, I will even have time to wear everything before my babe is born. Given this, I am selling some very cool designer and non designer maternity clothes cheap.

I have many beautiful tops (some with labels, a lot never worn and some only once) plus lovely shirts/skirts/dresses for sale. I even have a very cool work suit! And three very cool work 'banker' shirts. Sizes vary from medium to large.

The colour selection is amazing - mint, orange, teal, navy, grey, coal, yellow, purple, apple gree, chocolate etc.

I am selling all items anywhere from $200 to $400 per piece. The $ 400 Fragile ones actually costed around $800!

I personally think I have a range better than most of the clothes I have seen here in HK. WELL WORTH A LOOK!

I live in SOHO just off Stauntons/Bridges street and you are welcome to call by after work (after 7) or next weekend. First in best dressed - literally :-)

For some of you that were in a spot like me (size, style and wardrobe) - dont miss this opportunity.

My work number is 3151 1322 if you want to make a time.

Cheers and safe pregnancies!!