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Anyone heard of deadly virus in some part of China?

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    Anyone heard of deadly virus in some part of China?

    BEIJING, China (CNN) -- China's Health Ministry strengthened surveillance and dispatched specialists to the eastern Anhui province as the death toll from a virulent virus climbed to 22, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

    The virus -- called Enterovirus 71, or EV71 -- can cause hand, foot and mouth disease. It's often confused with foot-and-mouth disease in livestock, but the diseases aren't the same, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    An Anhui province official, Wang Yan, told Xinhua that 978 children are hospitalized, including 48 in critical condition.

    "Authorities in Anhui ... are doing the utmost to treat the children and strengthen disease control," he said.

    The virus is another concern for Chinese officials as the nation prepares to host the Summer Olympics, which open August 8 in Beijing.

    Anhui province is south of the Chinese capital.

    The Health Ministry issued a pamphlet Saturday urging local health bureaus to step up prevention and control of infectious diseases as the Olympics approach, Xinhua reported.

    In milder cases, EV71 can cause coldlike symptoms, diarrhea and sores on the hands, feet and mouth, according to the journal Genetic Vaccines and Therapy.

    But more severe cases can cause fluid to accumulate on the brain, resulting in polio-like paralysis and death, according to the journal.

    There is no effective antiviral treatment for severe EV71 infections, and no vaccine is available.

    There was a large outbreak of the virus in Taiwan in 1998 with 78 deaths, and smaller outbreaks recurred in 2000 and 2001.

    Anyone heard of this news? We are moving to Shekou in October and I'm concerned as our baby will be only 10 months. We have a choice not to go though but it will advance my husband's career if we go. But if we will put our baby's heath at risk then we rather no go.
    Any comment/advice/news?

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    This has been in the SCMP for awhile now. HK is promising to monitor the occurences near the border, but no panic here yet.

    I would vote against bringing a baby into China to live. But,as you might have heard, China has a lot of people so babies obviously survive.

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