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Baby carrier / slings

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    I used maya pouch when my baby was 2 weeks old till now at 12 weeks) He loves it very much and sleeps very well in it. It is adjustable and it wraps the baby very tightly. My son has colic and the maya pouch has helped us to get thru days and nights of crying. It really is a life saver for me. The "negative" things you will get are: stares whispering, finger pointing at you from strangers here. Alot of people stared at me, or got a fright, cos they did not know there is a baby in the pouch. I even get strangers coming up to me telling me it's dangerous for the baby :)

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    dear ladies,
    thanks so very much for all your useful tips....after going thru the video of mayawrap and trying to use it at home too i am going to buy a baby bjorn carrier only since the mayawrap is too complicated for me to learn...thanks again

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    Hi Mushi, I also have both the mayawrap and the baby bjorn active, and so far have been using the baby bjorn as it seems easier and more secure for a very young baby. (Bubs is only 2mths old). Once he is a bit older and bigger, I will try using the mayawrap again, but right now I'm too worried about doing it up wrong right now and dropping him in the process! (There's no guesswork with the baby bjorn.)

    If you haven't bought it yet, I would suggest you look at the Baby Bjorn Synergy that is newly arrived in Mothercare. It's a combination of the Baby Bjorn Active (great back support) and Baby Bjorn Air (more breathable with the mesh lining).

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    Many mothers find that it is easier to hold that baby in a vertical, high up position when learning to use the Mayawrap sling. See the attached cover of our newsletter Close to the Heart.

    I, personally, found the sling was brilliant when the baby was older and able to sit on your hip, especially when they begin walking. It is so easy to get a toddler in and out of the sling - you can let them walk and carry them when they get tired.

    Best wishes,

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