LIfe circumstances are what they are. my son's school had a teacher leave 6 weeks before the year ended. She became a single parent and as the school closes for 2.5 months during the summer, she had to get a different job. I can completely understand that. I wouldn't think it a reflection on the school unless you notice that a lot of people are leaving, showing a high turn over of staff. In our case the parents and children did not know that she was leaving until her last day. This teacher was my child's favorite. I think it would have been best if we had know a couple of days earlier as that the children could have been more prepared to understand the teacher was leaving. My son thought she would be back for a visit the following week and wouldn't say good bye once more when we left , assuring me she would be back, even though I told him she wouldn't. Teh nextweek he said you were right I should have said good bye again she wasn't there! other that that one day he was not upset, they do quickly move on.