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infant seat on plane

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    KatBoo is offline Registered User
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    Pok Fu Lam

    out of interest, which car seats are 'allowable' on planes and fit the seats OK?

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    in a way, you know your daughter the best. if you feel that probably she'll sleep on you and hardly spend anytime in the seat at all, i would just not buy a seat, especially as you have carseats already in canada. also, with two adults plus yourself, i would imagine you'd be fine. do post once you've done the flight (whatever you choose to do) and let us know how it goes. happy holidays!

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    weishy is offline Banned
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    hi i would sugguest u to chk with the airline if the flts full or not,if not can always request to block add seats.

    most car seats does not fit airline requirements even though its FAA approved(different airline's diiferent policy) its best to chk with them and give them the exact model etc.....(u dun wanna bring it on board and found out later tat u cant use it for take off and landing :)

    yes the new cx biz seats are best for biz travellers(more privacy and flat bed) its all individual seats and u cant each other.the seats are "fish bone" style (very individual,not advisable for families or couples wantin to sit together)

    why not chk on this website
    all airlines listed,comfiguration etc :)

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