i honestly can't imagine what it must be like in that household. i'm sure they have their problems, just like the rest of us. but i wonder if it is multiplied because their are so many?

i was engaged to a man, years ago, who was the eldest of 7. that is a big family now and i know the kind of problems they faced, especially when you consider the various personalities involved. it makes me wonder what it is truly like, not the stuff you see on tv. it is like giving birth to a classroom of children and trying to satisfy everyone's different needs and personalities must be very difficult. i wonder if the kids ever wish there was more one-to-one time with the parents. with that many kids, there can't possibly be much of it.

i didn't mean for the post to sound negative, i just thought it was amazing, interesting, scary and eccentric to go for so many kids....

but i guess if you consider that one of the kids is 20 and a couple of them are 18 or 19, then it is like having "helpers" around to take care of them.

gosh, by the time mrs duggar was my age, she must have had 10 kids already! yikes, i truly can't imagine it!