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mommies who nurse your baby to sleep

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    someone on another forum always said that they wake up and cry if they are not in the same 'position' as when they went to sleep.

    so, if your baby falls asleep at the breast and then wakes up and is in a cot with mummy nowhere to be seen, they'll cry. however, if they feed and then are put to sleep in the cot in a drowsy, almost asleep state, they won't cry (at least not as much).

    i've found this to be true. and it seems that mintycat has too.

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    i would let your LO learn to fall asleep by themselves, sooner is better than later. I always made sure all of mine went into the cot awake and then let them fall asleep on their own. There were times when I would have to re-enter the room to settle them a bit, but ultimately they fell asleep on their own from day 1 (I couldn't bear the thought of anything else becoming habit & having to continue the regime until they were heavy & toddlers!)

    I personally think it's one of the best things you can do for your baby - teach self soothing & self settling.

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    hi, i nursed my elder son to sleep everytime i breast fed him i.e whenever he was sleepy and i soon replaced the breast with a bottle which was taken to immediately....replaceing the bottle was a little difficult....i started by replacing milk with water and then the story telling sessions, rocking, etc started....the way i see it u have to go thru some amount of effort either at the beginning or at the just relax and do what u find most convenient at this stage...think about the next stage when it comes and trust me there is always a way out...after all u don;t see 10 -year olds roaming around with pacifiers or bottles!

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    it is usuall advised NOT to nurse your baby to sleep b/c then he/she will not learn how to put themselves to sleep later. This might also lead to difficulties weaning off the breast. Try keeping him/her awake during a feed and if they cry give them a dummy.

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