hi everyone,
the helper of one of my son's friends will be available during June. Her employers are leaving for Singapore and she wants to stay in HK. Other than what I see at the playground I don't know a lot about her because I never see her employers (!). What I have seen however makes me think that for everyone looking for a helper she is at least worth an interview. She is very caring towards the young girl she looks after and the girl listens to her and does what she says. The girl is almost 4 and has an older sister.

She is also very caring towards other kids in the playground and has more than once stopped my 10 month old from getting trampled on whilst i've been distracted by my older son!

She is friendly and seems happy. Can't comment on her cooking and cleaning skills but they must be decent if her employer wanted to take her with them. They will give her a good reference.

Anyone interested can call Rowena on 68944538 or 92612166.