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The Low Down of Infertility in HK for over 40

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    The Low Down of Infertility in HK for over 40


    I wish I were starting my own thread, but can't seem to figure that out on this site for some reason. Anyway, I hope this works.

    I am living in Tokyo and underwent fertility treatments here for nearly a year ( two IVFs and several IUI) and a half before finally concieving via IUI and giving birth to a very healthy boy who is now just turning one year. So now it's time to start the second one and I am turning 43 this month and am being moved to Hong Kong. In Tokyo was able to find a clinic that is very friendly to older women--a lot of clinics start to roll their eyes if you are over 40--and in my case I am over 40 and a low responder. Kato's clinic here is great with older women--and they use low stim protocol. The bad thing about clinics in Japan is they make you wait for ever. A trip to the clinic is usually a 5 hour event--granted they will give you your lab results the same day usually.

    So what about Hong Kong is there a clinic/doctor that is friendly to over 40 women? Is each trip to the clinic a 5 hour event. I know people recommend Dr. Ho, is he good with old girls. It kills me that I can have proof of healthy child born to 42 year old woman in my arms, and they still roll their eyes.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,


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    Smile You are a lucky lady...

    Hi Kathym,

    You are a lucky lady, I am turning 43 in a weeks time and have been on IVF for the past 4 years, and is still waiting for the light to come on at the end of the tunnel. I don't live in Hong Kong, so I can't answer your questions, but would love to know about how you go, because we will be moving there end of the year as well.

    For me, I am a little less fortunate, I will need to locate Egg Donors, for I have been quite unresponsive to the treatments. If you hear of any Egg Donors Program in the region, can you please let me know?

    Thanks in advance and all the best with baby-to-be No.2.

    all the very best,

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    I have a friend who's over 40 (she's 41) who recently became pregnant after going to Dr. William So. She speaks very highly of him - says that he's very patient and has great bedside manner.

    There are a number of highly reputed fertility specialists in HK - Dr. Philip Ho, Dr William So, Dr. Derek Lo, among others. I would suggest that you pay an initial visit to suss them out individually and pick the one you feel most comfortable with.

    Good luck!

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    I have been going to Dr. So for a few years (for normal check-up) and found that he is very patient and knowledgeable.

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    Hong Kong

    Hi Kathy M,
    I too am heading to Hong Kong and over 40, let me know to what your found out. I have had many IUI's, one IVF with a fail, however i have donor eggs.

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    i'm living in Hk and went through 2 IVF with Derek Lo last year but not successful. But he is very patience, and kind and understanding. the nurse are very nice too. no one will roll their eyes on 40s women. but my case is born with double uterous and now am 42. i did respond good to the medicien and firts time get 8 useful eggs. but due to the age, my embro does not perform very well. so i didn't get preg even though i can feel soemthing at the first 2 weeks after implant.
    anywya, i also want to know more about donor's egg, so appreciate if anyone can share

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