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Private hospitals in Kowloon

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    ah I agree with carang, it's worth making a trip to the HK side to matilda.
    btw, congratulations.

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    Hi, I highly recommend Dr Joe Chan to you. He is my OB and he delivers baby in Matilda, Adventist and St Teresa's Hospital. He is very good and caring. He is definitely pro-natural. I think you will like him.
    He is also a consultant in the Adventist Hospital. He should be able to help you. His no. is 25233328.

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    What happens if you keep bringing your baby with you back into the room, do they kick you out if you try to keep your baby with you?

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    I would definitely go to visit the hospitals if you can manage it. And when you go ask questions try to start with general questions which don’t give away what you want, for example, “What is your usual practice?” rather than “Do you allow rooming-in?” It is also best to ask the nurses on the ward rather than your doctor.

    Remember that just after you have your baby you are usually feeling quite vulnerable – this isn’t the time to take on a fight about where your baby will be kept.

    You also might like to consider a public hospital if you want rooming-in as they generally have this as part of their policy – many don’t have the manpower to look after the babies separately from the mothers.

    Good luck with everything,

    La Leche League Leader

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    I don't know much about Baptist but a friend of mine gave birth at St.Teresa's. I don't want to be judgemental over St.Teresa's or their practitioners and I'm sure that many women have nothing but praise for the treatment they received there, but this is my friends's story...

    The resident OB was quite impatient throughout her latter half of pregnancy and pushed her to have a c-section, saying things like, 'the baby is too big for a natural birth. Why would you want to put yourself through all that pain?' A few days before her due date the OB advised her to have an induction (coincidently her due date was the first day of Chinese New Year). My friend stood her ground and went into labour naturally two days before CNY. She was using homeopathic pain relief and hypnobirthing. After 9 hours the OB decided labour wasn't progressing enough and gave drugs to speed up the process. The result was that labour shut down and the baby went into stress. The OB got her c-section after all. The baby weighed a very normal 3.4kg. So much for being supersized.

    My friend was in a private room at St. Teresa's and was told she could have rooming in. After delivery, her baby was whisked away to the nursery and she didn't see her again for 24 hours. Somewhere along the way they changed their mind about rooming in. Her baby was not sick and did not need special care. They set strict hours for visitation and breastfeeding. They even pushed her to use formula because they said the baby was loosing weight in the first few days. Isn't it normal for babies to loose a little weight in the first few days?

    Anyway, despite not getting the birth that she wanted, my friend and her baby are thriving and she did manage to establish exclusive breastfeeding in the end.

    If you want to have a similar birthing experience as Canada, I agree with Carang that Matilda is the place to go. I've also heard Adventist is supportive.

    My OB is also very supportive of natural birth. She is based in TST and delivers at Baptist and St. Teresa's. I can send you her name and number, if you're interested. I don't think she would have any control over what goes on after delivery though.


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    Hi everyone, I am currently 5 weeks pregnant and looking for a good doctor and hospital in Kowloon side. Have anyone heard of the Tsuen Wan Adventist and any good doctors there? Thank you!

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    HI Erica,

    I just read your comment on St Teresa and heard similiar stories about private OB pushing for C-sect which is a nightmare. I am looking for a doctor who delivers in St.teresa and is pro in natural delivery. Could you please tell me contacts on your doctor which u highly recommended in this scenario?

    Look forward to your reply.


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    i've heard that st theresa's is very harsh when it comes to breastfeeding and rooming in (not allowed at all!)

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