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Education for children in DB

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    Education for children in DB


    Our daughter is currently 19mths and we're planning to move into DB later this year. I was wondering if I could obtain advice from DB residents about schools in DB. I heard that there are 2 school but pretty full since there are lots of kids in DB. If that's the case, where do you send your children to school.

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    there are TONS of playgroups in db... you shouldn't have any problem finding something that suits your girl.

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    Actually there are three schools in DB.

    DBIS operates a waiting list system (or you can pay the premium debenture and go to the top of the list). I recommend you put your child's name on the list as soon as you arrive, if you want them to go to DBIS.

    We also have Discovery College, you apply for this school the year before they are due to enter; your child would have an interview. This school is not specific to DB and is open to anyone in Hong Kong to apply, so there have been lots of disappointed residents this year whose children haven't got in. This has been mainly due to the school filling up other year groups as well, so children in the higher year groups have given their siblings priority further down the school. As Discovery College is a new school which they are currently filling, the sibling issue may not play such an important role later for new starter in P1.

    There is also Wei Lun Primary school, which is a local Chinese school. I know nothing about the entry criteria for this school.

    People also send their children on the ferry to schools on Hong Kong island, for P1. There are two kindergartens, DMK and Sunshine house, in DB, which you may want to investigate and as Cara says lots of playgroups.

    I hope that helps.

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