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Breastfeeding and sleeping thru the night

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    Breastfeeding and sleeping thru the night

    Hi Moms,

    My ebf daughter (9 weeks) has started to sleep longer stretches at night. The last couple of nights she has slept from after the 10:30pm feed until about 3 or 4am. Is it bad for me to be going long stretches like this (5-6 hours) without pumping or putting her on the breast? I was excited about the longer time for me to sleep but am now worried this is jeopardizing my breastfeeding efforts.

    I also was hoping to have my husband give a bottle of expressed milk at the 10:30pm feed (and I would pump instead) but am now thinking this may be a bad idea since that would mean I am not putting her directly on the breast from the last feed at 7:30pm to the 3-4am feed.

    What is everyone's experience with this? Any suggestions or advice?


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    It is very normal and desirable for babies to start sleeping longer as they get older. If your baby is gaining weight, having at least six wet nappies a day (in 24 hours) and seems healthy and alert when awake then all is fine.

    As you baby grows and can start to manage to sleep longer your body is also able to go for longer stretches without problems. If you find that you are getting so full that you are uncomfortable then it is important to remove some milk so you feel comfortable again. You can remove this milk by hand expressing or pump but usually the best way is to wake up the baby and get she to do the work for you. If your body is copying without feeling uncomfortable then you don?t have to worry.

    Best wishes,

    La Leche League Leader

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