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HELP: Woodland preschool - stepping stone

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    HELP: Woodland preschool - stepping stone

    Hi mommies

    I am recently studying to choose the best course for my daughter (2yrs) and quite interested in stepping stone course of Woodland group. Please help me with your experience/opinions/suggestions.

    1. Would anymom mind giving me your opinions about the following schools for the course?

    Panda playgroup - pokfulam (stepping stone)
    Woodland playgroup - pokfulam (stepping stone)
    Mid-level montessori Preschool on caine road (stepping stone)

    for the registration to those shools, mid-level school requires the registration fee of HK$1000 but not the other two.

    2. Is it hard to enter, I mean, is there a long waiting list for the course?

    3. What's the major difference/advantage between Woodland traditional and Woodland montessori?

    Many thanks

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