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Coming from Hawaii soon

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    AngieP is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2008

    Coming from Hawaii soon

    My husband has just decided to take a position in HK. The official offer letter has not come yet but we were told that the other employee at his level was not offered moving expenses. I'm doing some preliminary research and wondered what we should bring along and what we should just get rid of. Since we'll be paying for ourselves I figure it may be more cost effective to sell off most of our possession and bring the bare minimum. So far it'll be just the tempurpedic bed, brand new computers and clothes. We have a 19 month old. What else should we plan on moving that will be difficult to replace there? Any advice would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!

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    Jan 2008

    furniture in hk is pretty expensive, if you want decent stuff - but then again, you can always go the ikea route.

    ah, i miss our tempurpedic bed back in LA! we had a cal king size and realized that there's no way it would fit into our HK flat, let alone in the lift, so we left it in storage back home.

    check the dimensions in your HK flat as well as the service lifts. everything tends to be a lot tighter here. one of our sofas wouldn't fit in the lift so we ended up donating it.

    wishing you the best of luck on your move!

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    Hong Kong

    agree with C bebe, the flats are small in hk so furniture might be a problem.

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    mommyof3 is offline Registered User
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    We're still very new here, but left all furniture at "home" and/or sold in the states as well. The hassle it would've been makes it worth buying once you get here and find a place. The only other thing I would advise at this point might seem obvious, but just in case: do not bother bringing anything that needs to be plugged into an outlet :) Good luck with the transition and move!

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    Sai Kung

    keep in mind that the electric outlets are different voltage AND a different plug. your computer plugs will need adapter ends as well as adapters for voltage.

    agree completely with others...

    if they haven't sent the offering letter, isn't it still all up for negotiation? whether or not the other employee didn't get it doesn't matter, you can still ask for it!

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    buddhafun is offline Registered User
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    You can get almost everything you need here. The pain is simply finding the stuff. We got here a month ago and are still out of suitcases, but it takes time to find stuff.
    Forget electrics and most clothes can be bought here. Depends what you need and where you are but books are also very expensive if you are a serious reader.

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    Hong Kong

    leave all appliaances and lights in the States as the outlets here are like they are in the UK. Bring your bed, couch and dining table and chairs if you have them. Bring carseat and other things for your baby. We have done 2 major moves from the US - the first to London then London to HK. I regret not bringing all my furniture from London even if it had to sit in storage. Fortuantely, we were able to do another shipment from NYC to HK so we brought everything. It's nice to have your own stuff and not have to buy cheap Ikea every time.

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    Sleuth is offline Registered User
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    Fo Tan

    You are leaving Hawaii for HK???

    There usually aren't as many choices in HK for things like high-chairs, etc.... We brought a lot of furniture and left the appliances. But we knew what apartment we were moving into and knew everything would fit.

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