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Queen Mary Hospital Question URGENT question..

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    PurpleFlower is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    Hi Kharel,

    You said that legally, they cannot keep you in hospital and you're going to discharge yourself within 24hours. We really would like to do that too and actually asked the nurse if we could discharge ourselves early, if everything was ok. She said the mother can go but they will keep the baby there?! Do you (or anyone) know if this is true? I wouldn't want to stay in hospital for any longer than necessary, especially with the tight visiting hours, but leaving the baby in the hospital without me is definitely not an option!

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    Nic is offline Registered User
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    I had my daughter at QMH in March this year, she was born at 9pm and daughter and I both left QMH the following lunch time. We would have left sooner but they insist you and baby see doctor, which seemed fair. They were surprised we wanted to leave but I was insistant!
    Good luck!

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    HappyV is offline Registered User
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    hkaussie, I would say exactly the same - however, from numerous stays in QMH, I can say pretty certainly that the treatment dished out to non-Chinese is very different. If my husband was there for 5 minutes past visiting hours, he was told to get out, let the local patients had people coming and going at all hours, with no questions asked.
    The lack of communication is staggering - and it's not because of 'the way they do things' - it's because of an overwheling attitude amongst staff that Western = spoiled and rich. On several occasions I got asked questions like "Why aren't you at Matilda?" (because we couldn;t afford it in a million years), "Why don't you ask your helper to do it?" (We didn;t have one), or the best one was when the doctor came around with a group of students, didn't ven look at me - just pulled off my blanket and started talking to the students. I was quite upset at this, and I noticed that when the students visited every other patient in the room (all Chinese) - he would speak a few words first. He spoke excellent English - he just couldn't be bothered.

    When you sign your baby into special care, you sign a form that says the hospital then decides what happens. I had to fight two peds to tel me why my child had a dozen blood tests in half an hour, why he was still in the SCU give nights after his 24 hour jaundice treatment had finished: I found out at the end that they were taking extra blood for 'stud' - which I wouldn't have minded if it was one extra prick - but it was more like a dozen. They also kept him up there becasue the 'paperwork' was too 'complicated' to transfer him back to the ob ward. Yet the Chinese lady in teh next bed, whose daughter also had 24 hour jaundice treatment, was back the next day. Go figure. I read his chart - nothing else to keep him up there but laziness on the part of staff.

    What was worse - I complained and complained about pain in my IV site(s). One nurse told me to "be quiet - cannot hurt so much". I had a severe infection, and still have a numb patch on that wrist -nearly three years later. The last 36 hours I was in hospital, I didn't get to speak to a doctor about it, and the nurses refused to call someone. I was discharged with a fever, and red line up my arm from the infection. I was at the private GP's ASAP for the medication I should have been prescribed before I left.
    The standard of care is great for surgery - for medicine and after care, it is simply shocking. But for those of us who cannot afford the fees for private hospitals, (or who simply need a level of surgical care which only the public system can provide) - there is no other option.

    At my sic week check up, the doctor basically called me a liar - that if I had an infection, they would have noticed and taken care of it. What a load of c**p.

    So if we have a second, I will go back to QMH, but I will be out of the minute I can be, and go to get checked out by doctors who fulfil ALL their professional obligations.

    Harsh - but true!

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    Tracey Nicole is offline Banned
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    Hong Kong

    all in all - QM sounds very efficient and they have good stats to back them up. I personally think I would much prefer to be in QM in HK than back in a public hospital in my own country.

    i selected Matilda upon first hearing that I was pregnant but frankly speaking, I am in the throws of changing my mind to to QM. afterall, it if there is an emergency, i am going to end up there anyway.

    aussiemum is right as in due july etc... your experience is all about expectation management and if something serious happens ie bubs is sick for a week etc etc and you are not getting info, i would sincerely recommend that you dont let 'no comment' be the answer.

    For me, I take responsibility for the amount of information I have/get. this might sound harsh but i would prefer to be known at the crazy chick yelling down the halls than not knowing what is happening with my bubs over a long period of time.

    good luck to everyone soon to give birth. may it be everything that your heart desires it to be and may the sight of your bub be bigger than your wildest dreams!

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    kharel is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2008
    Discovery Bay

    Oh god the horror stories do freak me out so much - you are right Aussiemum to go in with low expectations and hope for the best. To be honest the health care in the UK is so terrible now I imagine here will be much better and I have heard many great stories from mums who had a brilliant experience out here,

    I am going to just keep my expectations low and hope for the best, worrying will not help at all and so I will just go to QMH and hope for the best.

    Thank you all for your threads- I really appreciate all of your responses and everything you are telling me really helps...

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    rachrobin is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2008
    Wan Chai


    I am in exactly the same boat as you. Remember, fear and worry are your two biggest enemies when you are in labour. You will be in the best hands, medically speaking.

    Your husband will play a crucial role in making sure you are comfortable and your needs and wishes are met. He needs to know that he must be firm and insistant with the hospital staff, and ask questions on your behalf if necessary. Don't take no for an answer!

    There are horror stories for every hospital, every system. You are much more likely to hear people complain than praise, it's human nature....

    Best of luck for a smooth journey

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    Canucker is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2007
    Hong Kong

    Hi All,

    After reading some of these posts and talking with women out and about in Hong Kong, I feel if you don't give birth at Matilda or one of the other private hospitals you have to offer an "excuse."

    I gave birth to my first in September at QMH and am expecting my second in December and will most certainly go back to QMH. I arrived at the hospital at noon after my water broke and my daughter was born a few hours later at 16:52. The dr's assessed me quickly and realized the cord was wrapped around my daughter's neck so they performed an emerg c-sec and even allowed my husband in the room for the surgery! Both my dauther and I checked out 49 hours from when I first arrived... and believe me... I just prefered to be at home with my hubby but found nothing wrong with the hospital. My hubby was allowed to visit 2X a day (but I believe that has changed) and at first I was concerned it would not be enough, but I, like the other mother's there, probably appreciated the quiet and caught up on our sleep.

    Again, it's your body and you know what is right for you. I have met others who didn't have good experiences at QMH but the majority did. I was frustrated during my appointments leading up to the birth b/c I felt more like a "number" than a patient, but all my worries were put to rest once I gave birth.

    All the best... and do what's best for you and your family!


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    shickman is offline Registered User
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    Sai Kung

    Hi All,

    I'm new to geobaby, but a long term HK resident. I am due to deliver our first child in two weeks and am booked into the Prince of Wales in Shatin as we live in Sai Kung. I completely understand all the concerns as I am more than a little worried about what my experience will be.

    However, I have been told that the best thing to be is polite but firm and to ensure that they are aware of your expectations, by taking a clear birth plan with you.

    Prince of Wales have been great at reassuring me and even let me tour the delivery suite (which they don't normally do, even though QM does). I agree that the antenatal ward is not pleasant and will be avoiding going to hospital until the last minute if possible! We are doing the Doula service with Annerley to try to ensure this happens.

    I am concerned about the care afterwards, what will be 'done' to my baby and how much time my husband will actually be allowed to be with us. So it is also my goal to get home as soon as possible. But at the end of the day, as long as baby arrives safely and is healthy that is all that matters. So I keep telling myself that this is a very small part of the process in the grand scheme of things. I guess try to stay positive and keep your expectations low.

    For what it's worth, I was very ill last year and in Tseung Kwan O hospital for 3 months - overall the care was very good, but I did have to fight to read my hospital notes and for the doctors to spend time talking to me about my condition. They are not used to having to explain anything they are doing as it is not in their culture. However, they did accommodate me whilst I was there and I have made a full recovery. It is not an experience I would like to repeat but I feel less frightened about government hospitals as a result.

    The food is terrible so take what you can with you!

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