Interesting feedback from everyone. I take it that if you work in investment banking, like I do, your hours could be quite long. We hired a nanny and a FT helper when I returned to work. The initial helper we had whilst I was on mat leave was incompetent and worked all hours of the day and night essentially looking after 2 adults. She was unable to organise and manage her time, and so clearly the arrangement was not going to work. We replaced her swiftly.

Whilst mum's all over the world manage households and children every day, this is someone else looking after your child. It may be controversial, but I do think the comparisons are different. Perhaps you should think about making it easier for your helper if you are also using this person as your child minder on a full time basis M-F. This could mean either replacing her now with the right person - she sounds as though she has similar qualities to the person we let go, or keeping her and getting in someone additional.

At the end of the day, your little one is your most precious thing, and his/her welfare is of primary importance.