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Quick Smart stroller Advice

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    Quick Smart stroller Advice

    Dear all,
    We're looking into buying a stroller for our son (7 months old) and saw this stroller. Have not seen it before so want to know if any of you hear about it and if is any good before we buy it. Thanks in advance for any comments.
    Here the site for the product:

    Mommy Lee

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    Mommy lee,
    Sorry, I had never seen such brand & model before. But personal I wouldn't consider since there's hardly any description about the stroller i.e. the weight itself, how many kg it could carry and the wheels are so small. Most importantly, which could you get it fix if it was broken.

    My first stroller was a Combi. On the very first day of using it, my mother-in-law got one of the wheels stuck on the side of the escalator while going to an upper level at Festival Walk (luckily the escalator stopped but the wheel was broken). We paid $100 for a new wheel and fixed in 3 days.

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    Hi Momma Lee

    Our son is 6 mos. next week and I've been on the look out for a smaller more efficient stroller than the one we've got right now;

    My top two picks are

    The SilverCross Dazzle
    (Available at Babies R' us)

    and I've come across this more recently;

    The Phil & Ted's Smart Buggy
    (Available Online)

    Do keep us updated on the search! I'm currently in the research process of setting up a personal shopping service for expecting couples in Hong Kong - either those too busy to do their own shopping or who would like relevant advice on what to buy. So any experience would help!

    Hope all goes well!

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