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    I never used a playpen. I didn't like the idea of restricting my kids, just made sure the house was safe for them to play in, and teach them the things that they must not touch.

    My sister-in-law used a playpen - a little too much in my view - and her almost-3-yo tries to 'escape' by running away every time she takes him out of the pushchair. Maybe the 2 are not related, maybe they are!

    Like TV, I think it's possible to fall down the slippery slope of using it more than is necessary - I don't believe that TV or playpens should be used as a babysitter.

    What not put a stairgate across the kitchen door instead and have bubs in the kitchen with you while you do the dishes, or in the bathroom while you need to use the loo etc? My LO's love/d exploring the 'safe' cupboards in the kitchen....let them use a saucepan & spoon as a drum etc

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    Sorry , didn't mean to offend, I certainly didn't think, or mean to imply you would leave the baby in their for hours. But like Mama sunshine siad in her post, initally baby might not mind, but then they won't like being in there, and won't use it much. Baby will still be young enough that you will have to baby proof your house anyways.

    For me, I 100% childproofed my main living area so that I could do dishes, or cook, or blow dry my hair, shower, etc and if baby was awake and on the floor I didn't have to worry. This worked really well when my second son came along as when you are busy with the baby, my 2 year old would have to be by himself sometimes and I didn't have to worry.

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