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Comments about Singulair

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    JadenLeigh is offline Registered User
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    Comments about Singulair

    Hello all..

    Has anyone heard of Singulair?It's actually a prescribe medication for controlling asthma/allergies.Some say its good but I read a lot of bad things about it.Does anyone have any experience on this medication?

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    syuan is offline Registered User
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    May 2007

    Both my son and my daughter had taken Singulair for weeks/months at different times, but I found it to be of no use at all. I didn't actually do any research on it, just took it since it was prescribed by our pediatrician, and he assured me that it was perfectly safe. Both of my kids have ended up with asthma, and after trying all sorts of things and methods, I sadly have to say that the only thing that worked for them are the inhalers (bronchodilators and steroids). Good luck!

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    miaka is offline Registered User
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    i know someone (adult) who had used bronchodialators and steroids most of their life (pollution indused asthma from growing up in taipei). then used advair and that worked well for them. but the best thing they did was get tcm treatments (acupuncture + herbs). he did it for about a year then after that he didn't need his inhaler anymore ... but carried it around just in case.

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