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Pampers Diapers for new born

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    How about Fittis or the other local brands - has anyone used them for a snugger fit for newborns? We used Pampers for our first and they were awfully leaky, so ended up using Tesco's own brand which were much better. Grateful for any input as to what people use for newborns in HK as I am sure we will have the same prob this time around!

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    Just had our little one at matilda 4 weeks ago and they used pampers swaddlers, which we have continued to use. They are available from parknshop's website, just search "swaddler" have only had one "blowout" and that was overnight right after my milk came in. We love these diapers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tracey Nicole View Post
    hi love,

    thanks for this. i will pick some up!

    i will driving up to the Matilda on the 25th of July!!! I am looking forward to it actually. Keen to start my new life with bubs as well as get my body back.
    If you're delivering at the Matilda, you may want to hold off on buying diapers as they will provide you with three big packs of it while you are there and any unused ones can be packed up and taken home.

    (From other posts it seems they are now using Pampers - although when I was there in March, we were given Huggies.)

    The other advantage to waiting is that you can then see what size your baby is before deciding. If your baby is on the smallish side, then Huggies tend to fit better while bigger babies do better with Pampers.

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