I?m Benilda; I would like to recommend my cousin Mrs. Gail Salazar. She is currently in the Phils. And desperately looking an employer here in HK. She is very hardworking, responsible and trustworthy. She has four children?s and she took care of them since birth notwithstanding the other household chores.

She badly needed the job to support her children?s education. She can speak and fluent in English and loves teaching kids.

For hiring procedure for the first timer, the employer only need to pay the agency of HKD3, 500.00 (all included) I did the same when I hired my helper. The helper needs to undergo training in the Phils and took the test. It takes maximum two months to processed.

Will be very happy if someone could help to fulfill her dreams for her children?s.

Kindly PM me or email me at [email protected]