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Fantastic English tutor!

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    Fantastic English tutor!

    I recently engaged the services of a new english tutor as i had tried a chinese english tutor for my 3 children (10 year old boy and two 4 year old girls) and after one month there was little progress so i decided to change. I saw a native english tutor advertised on here in the New Territories area, I live in Kwai Hing. I called him up and talked on the phone about prices, times and the whereabouts. He seemed a very polite man so i agreed to have a 5 lesson trial with him for which he charged me 800 dollars for five one hour lessons for all 3 of my children which i was amazed with. I am happy to say that after two months of his teaching my children have become a lot more proficient and confident in speaking english and I would like to recommend him to anyone out there seeking a private tutor. He is very polite and he knows how to deal with children very well. His telephone number is 24734389. If you call him please tell him that Mrs Chan referred you, maybe he will give me discount haha. Thank you for reading.

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    Hi Becky,

    Could you tell me where does he lives in Hong Kong? and what is his name?


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