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Sleeping with and feeding baby at night

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    Sleeping with and feeding baby at night

    I have a nearly four week old and I'm breastfeeding - it is my second baby and we had lots of sleep problems with the first so trying to be careful but at the same time very tired so it is a balance and this baby seems very different. I have the best nights sleep if I have the baby in bed and breastfeed whenever he wakes but I realised last night he wakes more frequently but it is faster for him to go back to sleep (and I fall asleep while feeding). He also sleeps better in the bed in the day so perhaps it is more comfortable or familar. My question is if i am feeding more at night then I expect he takes less in the day and in the long run more difficulty getting him to sleep though.

    I am trying to settle him in other ways - usually he stirs when he goes down so knows where he is and sleeps for 2 to 3 hour stretches but generally needs to be wrapped and held but i figure he is only 4 weeks! it is a big improvement on my first son!

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    you said it exactly, he's only 4 weeks. if he's hungry, feed him. if you're tired, try to sleep. if this is working for you, then don't worry about it!

    my motto is, "whatever works!" (within reason, of course!)

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    Agree with Cara. If he's happy, be happy. He's a tiny being that likes to snuggle up to mom at night. He'll settle later.
    I had my son in bed with me until he was 10 months. Once I put him in his own cot, he slept great.

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