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Need ESF's parents help, please!!

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    Need ESF's parents help, please!!

    I'm considering to apply ESF Abacus K1 for my son, but really worry about the long lasting tuition fees that I will have to pay until secondary graduated. Information provided in ESF website, the yearly tuition fee would be $50-90K from kindergarten to Secondary level.
    Anyone can tell me more about how much should I have to pay if my son studying in ESF from kindergarten to Secondary? Any miscellaneous fee or debenture request?
    I just don't want my son to quit halfway because of my UNEXPECTED financial problem happen someday.
    Please help.

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    Jo Bowd is offline Registered User
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    As with any school you have to factor in cost of day uniform, jackets, raincoat, bags, various sports kits, sports equipment, additional costs of extra-curricular activities, school day-trips, school holidays, books, study materials (maybe school lap-top), school bus/transport costs etc. There is also the likelihood that fee's will go up whilst your child is in the education system. All fee's have to be given the okay by the Education Department.

    I don't know of any other costs that you incur down the line though.

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    there are no debentures for ESF , the fees are still cheaper compared to other English medium schools

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