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    We have found a Domestic Helper that we would like to employ. We did not use an agency, and she is currently working in Macau. We want her to start in late August, a month after my wife's due date.
    Can anyone recommend how to proceed? Should we still use an agency? Or can we just use a standard contract from the government?
    Hope someone can help....

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    An agency will usually charge you about $4k to do all the processing, medical and including flight from Philippines (or their home country) - regardless of where the maid is coming from (of course a ferry ticket is even better). Immigration are only concerned whether the helper is in HK or not at the time of application processing (whereby they would usually be required to leave or 'return home' (many just nip into Macau). You can try and negotiate a discount for no 'finders' fee being applicable.

    Alternatively, you can do all the forms and processing yourself if you have time and can pick up a pack/guidelines from immigration and this will usually mean a few trips to the various consulates and immigration to submit forms at different stages. I did it without an agent (but with a super efficient and knowledgeable new helper) and found it quite painless.

    Processing takes 6 weeks so starting now might be a good time.

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    If the helper wants the job, ask her to to go to Immigration Dept in Wan Chai, pick up the contract forms (standard pre printed pre numbered ones, cannot download from the internet). Complete the paperwork, give your helper full pack of docs including your salary slips and what else is required, and she will handle the whole lot. I have to warn you the paperwork is tedious, and it took me at least 2 hours of signing every page etc etc.
    lots of red tape. You get a notifiication from the Immigration that they have received and accepted the papers first, then you get a notification that they granted the visa. You need to send/mail it to your helper so that she can get it stamped in her passport upon enterning HK. For us it took app 2 months.

    Easy enough if you are employing a smart helper who is familair with HK Immigration Dept and not intimidated easily by them ( I know, hard thing, I found them very nosy and questioning when I came to HK myself, I had to produce wedding pictures as they did not believe I was married because I cam to HK 6 months after my husband and I did not change my last name!pur harassment, in any other country they would be sued for discrimination).

    A warning on the contract with the helper - since it is standard government wording and cannotbe amendd, agree with your helper holidays days. Not all holidays like Xmas etc are statutory holidays for helpers, so it depends on you and your needs. Also there is no word of probation period as for any normal empoyment, so if you happen to be in bad luck and need to change the helper, you will need to terminate and start all over again, including the time and the costs.

    Also, my advice would be not to wait until AFTER you have a baby at home. I employed a helper 2 months before my baby came, to get her used to my requirements, the household, our lifestyle, etc etc, so that whn the baby isthere you can have your undivided attention on the baby, not on underperforming helper. We were vey impressed ith our helper at the interview and trial day, and still it took 5 months before she kind of clicked in to the way we live.

    Hope this helps

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